Index Provider: UBS

UBS is a global financial firm with offices in more than 50 countries and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. UBS's strategy seeks to build on the strengths of all of its businesses and focuses its efforts on areas in which it believes it excels, while seeking to capitalize on what it believes are the compelling growth prospects in the businesses and regions in which it operates. UBS brings its global perspective and investment experience to InsightShares, a unique group of socially conscious exchange-traded funds that focus on the issues that drive and inspire today’s socially conscious investors.

Advisor: Exchange Traded Concepts

Exchange Traded Concepts (ETC) is an exchange-traded-fund (ETF) provider that creates white label ETF’s for index providers and asset managers around the world through a complete turnkey solution.

Sub-Advisor: Vident Investment Advisory

Vident Investment Advisory (VIA) is a trusted partner to ETF asset managers and sponsors. VIA is engaged in ETF subadvisory services and portfolio management. VIA portfolio management coverage spans the global equity, fixed-income, currency, commodity and alternatives markets, including strategies involving derivative instruments such as futures and options. VIA has a deep understanding of the ETF asset management landscape from managing equity index funds and ETFs for a variety of sponsors and styles.

VIA’s established relationships include major service providers and global banks in ETF servicing. The firm’s commitment to investing in systems and operational innovation enables internal scalability and innovation.